Does Water Blasting Damage Paint

Does Water Blasting Damage Paint?

Water blasting, also called power washing or pressure washing, is a great method if you are looking to clean dirt and grime from hard surfaces. But recently, people have started to water blast their houses because they think it will easily clean their homes.

In some ways, they are right, but in other ways, they are wrong. If you ask if water blasting damages paint, then you know why they are wrong. Water blasting can easily damage paint and walls if done incorrectly. And most people who are DIY water blasting are doing it incorrectly.

Knowing why you shouldn’t use water blasting can help you understand where to use it instead. Also, we did say that water blasting only damages paint if you misuse it. So we will talk about the correct way.

How Does A Water Blaster Work?

The main reason why we are telling you not to water blast your home is because you might not know how to use a water blaster properly. These machines are extremely powerful and require special training.

Inside a water blaster there is a water pump that builds up water pressure and shoots it out. The speed of the water can be between 200-400 KM/H and it comes out of a nozzle. The high-pressure water helps to clean a house of dirt, mold, and mildew. At the same time it can “clean” or damage paint on the walls.

This answers the question: does water blasting damage paint? So you can think of a water blaster like a water spray only much stronger. But because of how strong the machine is, not just anyone can use it. So we recommend you use professionals instead.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Water Blasting On Your Home?

As we said, water blasters can be used for pressure washing your home, but only if you have experience and training. There are reasons why you shouldn’t use water blasting on your home aside from lack of training:

  • Damage to Surfaces: Not all houses are built with strong materials; instead, they have inferior materials or something like wood or delicate paint. Due to the high pressure of water blasters, these materials can be damaged by scratching, denting, or even having paint layers stripped.
  • Risk of Water Intrusion: Water blasters shoot water at very high pressure and speed. If the exterior of your home has cracks or gaps, then water will get in. Water penetration inside the walls will lead to water damage and moisture issues.
  • Environmental Concerns: When you pressure wash your home, there will be a lot of wastewater, which can have many chemicals mixed in. These house washing chemicals might damage your lawn if not properly disposed of.
  • Limited Control: Not all water blasters are made equal. In fact, some are specially designed for certain situations and places. If you use the wrong one for your home, you might unintentionally damage it. 
  • Damage Cladding: One of the main issues with improper use of water blasters is that when they’re too powerful, they damage the cladding of your home. Fixing this damage can be extremely expensive. 

Alternative To DIY Water Blasting

Now that we have answered, “Does water blasting damage paint?” We need to provide you with an alternative. There is only one viable alternative regarding water blasting: a professional house washing service.

Professional pressure washing services come more than just having experts wash your home. For example, with professional house washing, you get:

  • Safety Assurance: With professionals cleaning your home, you can ensure everyone will be safe. Expert house cleaners have the experience and the training to use powerful machines such as water blasters safely and securely. With them, you know that accidents and incidents happening are zero or close to it.
  • Effective Cleaning Solutions: Professionals don’t just use tools like water blasters but use them with cleaning chemicals for deeper and better cleaning. They also don’t use common ones; instead, they are meant to be used for different homes and materials.
  • Preservation of Property: By using proper housing washing tools and techniques, professionals ensure your home looks better and cleaner than before they came. They work efficiently and carefully to ensure there are no scratches, dents, or damage on your property.
  • Time and Energy Savings: A great benefit of using professional house washing services is that they work efficiently. Thanks to working in teams, they get the job done quickly and efficiently.  
  • Increase Curb Appeal: Aside from cleaning your home and curb, professional pressure washers also ensure your home looks better than it did before. This makes your home more appealing to potential buyers when you try to sell or rent it.

How To Choose The Best House Washing Service in Tauranga?

How To Choose The Best House Washing Service in Tauranga

You now know that water blasting damages paint. And you know that you need a professional house cleaning service near you in Tauranga. But this doesn’t really help you.

You also need to know how to choose the best one out of all your options. To help you with that, here are some factors you need to consider:

Reputation and Reviews

First of all, you need to figure out which pressure washing service has the best reputation. Aside from getting suggestions from friends and family, you can also check out review websites. Don’t just look for the ones with the highest rating. Instead, also look for the ones with the best reviews. You should find the best of the best near you by mixing ratings and reviews.

Experience and Expertise

Once you have a short list, you must check them personally through their website and customer service. Figure out if they have experience cleaning homes like yours. Also, determine what their cleaning service is like. The more experienced they sound, the better your final service will be.

Services Offered

Aside from house cleaning service, it would help if you also asked for other services they might offer. If you want to make your home pristine, you need more than a water-blasting service. Soft washing, gutter cleaning, and such are good services for a more appealing look. Find a cleaning service that offers additional cleaning services for a more well-rounded cleaning experience.

Insurance and Certifications

Never pick a cleaning service if they can’t provide relevant insurance and certificates. Your home is your sanctuary; thus, you need to protect it. In case of accidents and incidents, insurance from your cleaning service will help pay for it. Certificates ensure that you are hiring qualified cleaners.

Cost and Estimates

Finally, check which cleaning services offer the best deal. House cleaning is a costly task, so you should minimize your final cost as much as possible. Get quotes from multiple services and pick the cheapest but most professional offer. 

Find out how much house washing costs in New Zealand from the best pressure washing business in Tauranga.


Does water blasting damage paint? Yes, it does. But it only happens if an inexperienced person tries to do it. If you are someone without experience or training with pressure washers, then you shouldn’t try to water blast your home.

Inexperienced users are more likely to damage your home’s paint and exterior due to not knowing how to calibrate it. Since a water blaster shoots out water at around 200-400 KM/H, it can easily pierce the wall and damage cladding and other materials. 

The best alternative is to get help from professional house washers. These people are well trained and have years of experience with cleaning. Aside from that, they can also offer other benefits such as saving you time and effort.

Check out our guide on what factors you should consider to find the best cleaners near you in Tauranga.


Q. Can water blasting remove all types of paint?

Water blasting can remove most types of paint. Still, the effectiveness may vary depending on factors such as paint thickness and surface texture.

Q. Is water blasting safe for all surfaces?

Water blasting may not be suitable for delicate surfaces or those prone to damage. It’s crucial to assess the surface and adjust the pressure accordingly.

Q. How can I protect my paint during water blasting?

To protect paint during water blasting, consider using lower pressure settings, keeping the nozzle at a safe distance, and applying protective coatings where necessary.

Q. Can I DIY water blasting?

While DIY water blasting is possible, seeking professional guidance, especially for complex or delicate surfaces, is recommended to avoid unintended damage.

Q. Are there eco-friendly alternatives to water blasting?

Yes, alternatives such as steam cleaning or environmentally friendly cleaning agents offer effective cleaning solutions with minimal environmental impact.

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