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You may notice that your house starts to lose its charming appearance with changing seasons. Even the rain can leave behind unpleasant streaks.

Regular washing improves both the appearance of your house and its overall condition. Sun SoftWash values the beauty of your home and provides house washing services at an affordable cost. Do you need a quick housewash? Contact us today!

Keep your home healthy and strong with regular washing!

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About Sun SoftWash

Looking for fast and effective house cleaning solutions? Sun SoftWash is a top house washing service. Contact us today if you need help with cleaning your windows, rooftop, gutters, or the whole house!

House Washing Service Provider

Types of House Washing Services

At Sun SoftWash we have many types of house washing services –

Soft Washing

Some painted or vinyl surfaces of your house may need special care. Our low-pressure water and eco-friendly chemicals will cause no harm to them!

Power Washing

Want to clean your driveway? No worries, our professionals use high-pressure water to clean harder surfaces!

Window Cleaning

Sun SoftWash will help you achieve squeaky clean glass, frames, tracks, and sills!

Why Should You Get Regular House Washing Service?

You might be wondering why you should spend on house washing services, here’s why -

Long-term Freshness

Want a fresh-looking home with clean walls and sides? Hire a house washing service today!

Free from Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew breed fast in damp and shaded areas. If you wash your house regularly, these growths will be gone before they get a chance to spread.

Vibrant and New Paint

If you notice the paint is peeling or fading, it can be because of the dirt and grime. Get your house washed frequently to avoid the heavy cost of repainting!

No More Damage

The scorching sun and heavy rain don’t just affect the appearance of your home. They can also gradually damage the structure of the walls. So, you have to make sure your house is always in the best maintenance – and house washing is the answer to that!

Healthier Surroundings

Everyone wants to live in a clean and fresh home. Call for house washing services regularly to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Increase Curb Appeal

Over time, dirt, grime, and mildew build up and make your house look dull. Want to increase the property value? Wash your house regularly!

For Sparkly Clean Homes

Sun SoftWash House Washing Process

We believe in actions rather than promises, learn about our service process –

Primary Consultation

This is the first step of the process where our professional consultants assess the situation and discuss your needs. We carefully inspect your property and find the areas we need to work on.


Surface Preparation

Are you worried about preparing your house for cleaning? Our experts will take care of everything! We make sure your windows, plants, pets, etc. are safe. If you have any outdoor furniture, we’ll cover them safely or relocate them as you want.


Environment-Friendly Cleaning

Our chemicals are soft and eco-friendly. Then we use clean water to softly wash away any loosened dirt and leftover cleaning solution. If you have any areas that need more work, we’ll scrub that away too!


Soft and Pressure Washing Application

We've got different tools for different jobs. For delicate areas, we use something called soft washing, which is gentle. But we bring out the big guns with pressure washing for the tough stuff.


Customer Walkaround

After we’re done washing the house, you’re free to walk around and inspect. Let us know if you want any more work done!


Post Clean-up Process

Worrying about the covered plants and relocated furniture? We’ll return everything to its original place and clean our mess after cleaning your home!


Why Should You Choose Sun SoftWash as Your House Washing Service?

Here’s why you should choose us -

Expert Professionals with Years of Experience

Our professionals are experienced in tackling the toughest house-cleaning jobs. We know exactly what to do for a sparkling home!

Modern Equipment

Instead of traditional methods, we use advanced equipment to clean your house faster.

Safe and Fast Cleaning

We use low-pressure soft washing methods that effectively remove the dirt but keep the paint intact. Sun SoftWash values your time so we finish our cleaning before you expect!

Environment-Friendly Chemicals

We care about the environment just as much as your house. Our cleaning solutions are pet and plant-friendly!

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you want more work done, feel free to call again!

Further Customer Support

Need further support after the house cleaning? We’re here to answer your questions and serve your needs!

Find the Best House Washing Service

Sun SoftWash always wants to give you the best experience. Our 24/7 customer support will answer any questions and try their best to solve your problem. As the name suggests, our service will softly wash your house and leave it as bright as the sun!

We believe in clear communication and keep you updated through every step of the process. Hire us for the best house-washing service!

Some of Our House Washing Works

House Washing Service
House Washing Service in Tauranga
House Washing Services
House Washing Services Tauranga
House Washing Service Tauranga
House Washing solution

Our Success Lies in Your Satisfaction

Hear from the customers themselves–

After a sudden storm, our house was covered in dust and grime. Sun SoftWash arrived in no time and cleaned my home to perfection.

– David Miller

2. I noticed the paint on my walls was peeling and didn’t know why. Sun SoftWash detected that it was because of mildew and cleaned my house before the deadline!

- Emily Taylor

3. Before my parents’ 30th anniversary ceremony, I realized that my house needed some cleaning. I called Sun SoftWash and they completed the task just in time!

- Jennifer Jones


We use biodegradable cleaning solutions and save water during the process. Our professionals also dispose of the wastewater safely!
Yes, Sun SoftWash provides roof, window, and gutter cleaning services too!
No, we don’t recommend it. Bleaching can harm the paint and exterior walls of your house.
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