Water Blasting Service in Tauranga

It's time to experience the transformative power of Sun SoftWash's water blasting services. Our professional water blasting can rejuvenate your surfaces. Don't let your property's appearance dull down.

Water Blasting Service Tauranga

Our Innovative Water Blasting Process

At Sun SoftWash, we pride ourselves on having the power of water combined with modern equipment to deliver desired results. Our water blasting process guarantees every surface receives the best treatment possible.


Before we begin, we conduct a thorough assessment to identify specific areas of concern. Then we plan our approach accordingly.



We apply a solution to break down stubborn stains, mold, and algae.


Precision Water Blasting

We use our high-powered equipment. So we direct a focused stream of water to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants without causing damage.


Rinse & Review

After blasting, we rinse the surfaces to wash away any residues. Later, we conduct a final review to ensure all areas are spotless.


Post-Treatment (if required)

We offer post-treatment solutions to surfaces that need better protection. It keeps them clean for longer.


Residential Water Blasting Services

Revive the beauty of your home with Sun SoftWash’s residential water blasting services. Our precise and thorough cleaning process can tackle surfaces like driveways, patios, walls, and roofs.

From removing stubborn stains to clearing away years of grime, we tailor our services to meet your home’s unique needs. Interested in a comprehensive clean? Explore our House Washing Services for a full home makeover.

Commercial Water Blasting Solutions

Create an inviting and professional look for your business with our commercial water blasting services. First impressions matter, and Sun SoftWash is here to ensure your storefronts, sidewalks, and building exteriors reflect your business’s quality and commitment.

Our expert team utilizes cutting-edge techniques to rejuvenate commercial spaces. If you’re seeking a more extensive cleaning solution, our Commercial Buildings Washing may be the perfect addition to your service package.

Water Blasting Techniques

Sun SoftWash's water blasting techniques are a fusion of innovation, efficiency, and environmental care. Our methods are cleverly crafted to combine high-pressure water technology with biodegradable cleaning agents. This ensures the removal of even the toughest grime without harming nature.

Water Conservation

We use specially designed nozzles and pressure regulators. This helps us to minimize water usage without compromising on cleaning effectiveness.

Surface Protection

Our water blasting techniques are gentle on various surfaces. So we can avoid erosion and preserve the integrity of the materials.


From Residential Water Blasting to Commercial Solutions, our best practices guarantee a deep clean service.

Why Choose Sun SoftWash for Water Blasting?

Sun SoftWash stands out as the go-to solution for water blasting across Tauranga and surrounding areas. But what makes us the ideal choice for your needs? Here's why:

Expertise and Experience

With years of industry experience, our team possesses the knowledge and skill to handle various water blasting challenges.

Customized Solutions

We understand that each property has its unique needs. So customize our services to fit your specific requirements.

Modern Equipment

We usethe latest in water blasting technology. So we ensure a thorough and uniform clean.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority. From the initial consultation to the final clean, we ensure transparent communication.

Some of Our Water Blasting Works

Water Blasting Service in Tauranga
Water Blasting Services Tauranga
Water Blasting Services in Tauranga

Our Service Reach: Washing Services in Tauranga and the
Extended Bay of Plenty

If you’re residing in Tauranga or anywhere in the Bay of Plenty region, look no further for your washing service needs. Sun SoftWash is dedicated to delivering exceptional moss and mold treatment, along with a variety of other washing services, across this expansive area. While our core service base is Tauranga, we’re pleased to offer our comprehensive washing services to the whole Bay of Plenty community. Opt for our professional, timely, and environmentally-friendly services to keep your property clean and healthy.

bay of plenty washing service

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories
for Water Blasting

: "Our driveway had years of dirt build-up. Sun SoftWash's water blasting services transformed it into looking brand new! Their team was professional, efficient, and environmentally conscious. Highly recommended."

— Samantha, Papamoa

"We hired Sun SoftWash for water blasting the exterior of our commercial building. The results were astonishing, and the building looks revitalized. The attention to detail and the eco-friendly techniques they used were impressive."

— James, Mount Maunganui

"The Sun SoftWash team did an excellent job with water blasting our wooden deck. It's now free from moss and dirt, and the wood's natural beauty is restored. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, explaining the process and taking care of our garden surroundings."

— Laura, Te Puna

"I used Sun SoftWash for residential water blasting, and the outcome exceeded my expectations. They were able to remove stubborn stains without damaging the surface. Their service was quick and affordable, with fantastic customer service."

— Michael, Tauranga

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